Madame de Victorine has character and a visionary eye

Seeing the VIC through to maturity will require time, patience, determination and game-changing encounters to generate the necessary sparky dynamism around the project and bring it to fruition. Madame de Victorine is pragmatic… Having observed and made a note of the irreverent drudgery that is bag-carrying, a chore that all those of sane mind would wish to free themselves of, it was just a short step to bring about a minor (r)evolution by brushing off the current shopping trolley and updating it. Eco-district developments tend to create car parking areas at a certain distance from residential areas, which is cause for celebration in terms of the peace and quiet enjoyed by residents and of benefit to their lungs. But their arms are in serious danger of suffering from muscular exhaustion.


A new generation of philanthropic trolleys

that make it possible to walk around just as you choose and without any great effort?  VIC is your new friend about town – perfect for all types of journey:

Between stalls at your local market, in supermarket aisles, at a picnic on the beach or even in public transport.


It is the essential travel companion

> Lively: Light, easily-manoeuvrable structure

> Intelligent: Compact, completely foldable and with removable bags  

> Resistant: Can carry up to 30 KG

> Seductive: Urban Chic and Made in France appeal…


Et Made in France…



The essence of beauty

Generating an encounter between aesthetics and functionality, fusing practical and pleasant, is no mean feat. And the VIC is not only attractive, but also promising … Just as promising as the collaboration between Madame and a young Annecy-based company with plenty of initiative and drive and the skills to work wood and multi-ply in a seriously mind-blowing way…supple and agile, the wood plays at contortionism with a certain insolent style. A unique and innovative concept that flirts with magic as screws and bolts fade away to showcase the wood and its majestic qualities: nobility, purity and gracefulness.


Weighing in at less than 3 kilos, VIC competes in the featherweight class. Minimum weight for a maximum load. It can carry up to 30 KG on its back to take the strain off yours. Its robustness makes it a refined seducer who knows just how to make themselves indispensable. VIC has a bit of a vain streak, too, and loves to play on their good looks, which is exactly how they reveal their true spirit: ash, walnut, beech or …simply non-existent. Adorned with their bags, they become a chameleon and know just how to reflect your personality… from a wild leopard design to a timeless single colour design via the transparency of crystal, everyone will find the bag to suit them. 



> French manufacturing and eco-friendly design.

> 100 % natural treatment of the wood which is sourced from sustainably-managed forests

> 1Gluing 100 % free from formaldehyde and VOC emissions

> 100% reduction in raw material waste.


> Plywood

> Sapelli and birch interior 

> Walnut exterior

> Wood fully "sustainably-managed"

> Resistant to variations in temperature/humidity in an outside environment


TROLLEY DIMENSIONS                

> Hauteur chariot déplié : 101 cm  -  Hauteur chariot plié : 59 cm

> Largeur chariot déplié : 35 cm   -   Largeur chariot plié: 35 cm                               

> Poids chariot : env. 2.8 Kg

BAG DIMENSIONS              

> Small Size Bag: Width 37 cm - Height 32 cm - Depth 18 cm

> Large Size Bag: Width 42 cm - Height 37 cm - Depth 22 cm


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